About Us

Founded in 1985, KESTAŞ is the undisputed leader of Turkey in the production of broaching tools. 7000 m2 closed area, specialized engineers and technicians especially in broaching tools, including of all kinds of broaching machines and spare parts, too. The broaching tools we produce are designed according to national and international norms.

Today, KESTAŞ serves more than 800 main industry and subsidiary industry establishments throughout the country; and has reached a level where it can compete in international markets with its investments in advanced technology.

1. Quality Understanding

Kaliteden ödün vermeyen üretim anlayışı, müşterilerin talebine uygun çözümler ve satış sonrası hizmetleriyle KESTAŞ; yıllardır başarıyla makine ve imalat sektörüne hizmet vermeye devam etmektedir.

2. Heat Treatment Plant

Kestaş, 2006 yılında bir ilki gerçekleştirerek kendi bünyesinde kurmuş olduğu ısıl işlem tesisiyle, 350 mm çap ve 1600 mm kesici boy olmak üzere toplam 2000 mm uzunluğundaki broş tığlarını sertleştirilebilmektedir.

3.Global Standards

In accordance with the conditions stipulated in ISO 9001: 2008 standard of our organization, KESTAŞ A.Ş. The Quality Management System has been established, documented and implemented. In our Quality Management System, we do not exclude any of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard because of the organizational structure.

4. Customer Priority

KESTAŞ A.Ş. Our quality policy is to serve our customers in order to determine their wishes and expectations and to respond to these requests and expectations. We are committed to complying with quality management system requirements to continuously improve the quality of our products.

Our History




Our company was started its commercial life in a business area of 140 m2 in Bayrampaşa Birtaş Sanayi Sitesi. The production of broaches in short lengths, the sharpening of broaching tools and the serial broaching operations were made here.



With the increase of the number of benches and operators, our company moved to 400 m2 closed area in Yenibosna Doğu Sanayi Sitesi. We also started to manufacture broaching machines in Yenibosna.



In order to be able to respond to the expanding product band, we constructed our own building in Hadımköy Kos-Koop Industrial Estate with 7000 m2 closed area.



In accordance with the conditions stipulated in the ISO 9001 standard, KESTAŞ A.Ş. Quality Management System has been established, documented and started to apply. In our Quality Management System, we do not exclude any material from the ISO 9001 standard because of the organizational structure.



Our company set up a special heat treatment plant for the hardening of broaches in its own premises. Today, we can harden broaches with a total length of 2000 mm, 350 mm diameter and 1600 mm cutting length.



Control systems with precision measuring capability of 0.002 mm have been actively used.



Our company started CNC machining.



In order to continuously improve the design, measurement and manufacturing techniques, we are continuing our investment on research and development.