Broaching Tools Manufacturing Program

Involute Spline Broaches
Splined Shaft Broaches
Hole Caliber Broaches
Helical Broaches
Keyway Broaches
Profiled Surface Broaches
Specified Profile Broaches
Various Hand Tools Broaches
Lock Barrel Broaches

Our factory has a workshop where we can manufacture broaching tools up to 150 mm diameter and up to 2000 mm in-hole profiles. Profile form and dimensional accuracy are very important in broaches. Our company also has CNC technology with its know-how, technological infrastructure and expert staff to produce profile forms and perfect broachs with meticulous precision.

Broaches produced in our company have extremely high performance in appropriate usage conditions.
Unconscious use of brochures, affects broaching performance negatively. As KESTAŞ, it is always been our duty to raise awareness of all industrialists about the using of broaches. For this reason, we provide free education support services to all industrial organizations that require training support for the use of broaches.

The most effective, sensitive and fast solution for parts with rack gear form on is broaching tool.
Every kind of rack set broaches are produced by our firm meticulously.

The most ideal method for surface profiles with high number is “broaching tool”.
In this regard, we are designing the set broach systems which consist of one piece or more than one piece, to provide the ideal solution for your needs. In particular, the speed, dimensional accuracy and quality continuity that it has gained from production has made surface broaching tools are indispensable elements in the production of serial parts.