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What is the broaching tool?

Broaching tool is the name given to the tools that process simple or complex forms in the hole or on the surface of the part by means of appropriate apparatus and machine systems by moving the single axis in series and precisely by machining them with their stepped teeth.
The broaching tool is specially designed for the piece to be machined. In the design of the broaching tool, the dimensional details of the part to be machined, material type and hardness, heat treatment conditions are taken into account.

Advantages of Broaching Technique;

It is very fast compared to other techniques,
High precision, consistent and stable,
To provide high surface quality,
The application is simple, effortless and efficient,
The tool life is long; up to 150,000 pieces can be broached by paying attention to correct grinding periods of the broaching tool.

Areas where Broaching Tools used heavily;

Automotive industry
Aviation industry
Manufacture of hand tools
Production of racks
Weapon industry

Quality Focused

With its production understanding that does not compromise on quality, the solutions suitable for the demands of customers and after sales services; KESTAŞ has been successfully serving the machinery and manufacturing sector for many years.


We listen to you, we review your parts technical drawings, we decide together for the best solution for production with broaching tools.


We create efficient solutions for all internal hole and external surface profiling possible with broaching technology, both product-specific and multi-purpose use.


We design on broaching tools and broaching machines in accordance with DIN and ISO norms.


The informations required in the design of the broaches are;

A technical drawing of detailed measurements of your part,
Material type and heat treatment conditions,
How many units should be produced in which period.

Please send us an e-mail that indicates these informations and the technical drawing at the attachment, we will make an analysis of the conformity to the Broaching Technique within the same day and return to you.